Extreme Gardening - Release Your Inner Gardener

Spending money, or having the creativity of Michelangelo, is not important when gardening for your first time. The appearance of your garden is usually something you can enhance a making a change here and there. In some cases, this has to do with the plants, flowers or vegetables themselves, as when you pay attention to their colors. Always think about creativity when you plant things in your garden area. Just be imaginative and you will do fine.
Traditional gardens are okay but you might want to try a rock garden instead. This is something you can arrange in any pattern you want, and by using rocks you find locally it doesn't even have to involve buying anything. There is a lot of Eastern influence in most rock gardens that are designed however you can make them any way you want. If you create a rock garden, it is simply your creation done your way because you want to. Anyone that add plants to the rock garden must do so with the understanding that it must be done catering to the local climate. You also have to choose good soil, as water will tend to stagnate in a rock garden if the soil is too hard. Your garden should receive enough sunlight. It should also have the right type of soil which usually includes a healthy dose of compost. If you are looking for a very flexible garden design, Asian gardens are probably suited for you. A Koi pond, in an Asian garden, is a beautiful thing to behold however this does cost quite a bit of money if you put one in. Anyone that has an Asian Garden will definitely understand why they are so coveted. Common trees found in Asian gardens are bonsai trees and cherry trees. A good accompaniment to any Asian garden is a pergola, a wooden structure that you can sit under or perhaps use for entertaining.
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Another popular type of garden is the native garden for various reasons. Using local plants for your garden is the basis of this style. This is not as simple as it sounds, because many plants have been introduced from other places in the last few hundred years, but these still can't be considered native. So, if you're in North America, you would only use plants that have been growing there since before Europeans arrived. The advantage to this type of gardening is that these will be plants that will grow most easily in your area. So, you need to it online and find out what plants come from your specific region before you start your garden. You can be a creative gardener in many ways. Just because your neighbors are growing something, doesn't mean you have to. If you garden in containers, you can be imaginative about the type of containers you use. You can express yourself through your garden, when you consider it as a work of art that you are creating.

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